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Stop Searching. Start moving. connects towing and transport providers with those in need of towing services as well as connecting sellers with junk car buyers nationwide. Select one of the options below and create a free account to get started.

What is TowingBids?

With everybody wins! Sellers can watch bidders compete for their job and get the best deal. Bidding carriers can quickly and efficiently locate their next load. We also connect junk car sellers with multiple buyers, securing the best price for your unwanted vehicle.

Professional towing and transport providers can join our nationwide directory and reap the benefits for free. Brokers and individuals can post towing jobs as well as junk cars for sale on the website at NO cost.

How It Works offers a live bidding platform to keep prices competitive. With only 3 basic steps, it's simple to use.


Anyone can post a job. Individuals, car dealerships, auto or boat brokers and more. The jobs can be roadside assistance, auto or boat shipments and tows or selling a junk car all at NO COST to the shipper. Post your job with the price you’d like to pay.


Once your job is posted, numerous carriers will view the job or junk car for sale. They can either bid on the job or agree to the initial price posted by the seller. When a bid has been accepted, the seller and bidder will make contact and make the final arrangements.


The winning bidder will complete the tow, transport job, or purchase of junk vehicle. The seller will pay the bidding carrier directly; there are no monetary exchanges done via